We are More than Conquerors

UPDATE: We are recruiting for our 2021 post graduate football program. To better serve our community we are offering online dual credit courses. Click here for more information.


About Us 

The Christian mission of the Charleston Preparatory School is to give our community an opportunity to be College and Career Ready by obtaining credits towards a college degree through our dual credit program.  The Charleston Preparatory School serves high school graduates to grow and make lasting changes. We believe that with a plan, preparation, and execution, dreams become reality. Join the Charleston Preparatory School Family today. 

Learn about our post graduate football program.

 Why Us

  • The program is designed to develop highly effective servant leaders
  • Redefining education with technology
  • Affordable
  • Transfer credits to over 1,500 Colleges and Universities 

Life Lessons 101

In an effort to support our community during the COVID-19 crisis, we are providing weekly motivation, encouragement, and inspiration to equip you for a victorious life style. Remember, we are more than conquerors! Begin your life class by clicking on the Better University image.

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